Awesome Apps for Homeowners

Here are two mobile apps that offer great solutions for homeowners. The realtors in my office highly recommend both of these. Check them out!

Are you finishing up your spring cleaning and need to haul away some large items to be donated or disposed of? Just buy a new set of outdoor furniture and need it delivered to your home? Lugg ( can take care of it for you. This easy to use APP prompts you to enter your location, your item’s destination, and a photo of your item, and you will quickly receive a quote within 45 minutes or sooner from a nearby mover who can complete the job for you. For more information and reviews about Lugg, click here.

Is your “to do” list getting out of control? Taskrabbit can help! Similar to Lugg, taskrabbit will find people in your neighborhood who can take care of those chores that you don’t have time for (or just don’t want to do). You simply post a description of the task, and you will receive offers from “taskers” in your neighborhood who are willing to do the job. Be sure to check out the Taskrabbit website for all of the details.