Catch The Wave!

Blue Wave is a new, eco-friendly (recycled water, biodegradable soaps and waxes) drive-through carwash located on Francisco Blvd. East in San Rafael. It’s fast, inexpensive and really fun! In less than two minutes, your car will be squeaky clean… then drive it over to the do-it-yourself vacuum bays to clean up your floors and mats. Be careful not to leave any cash or valuables around; the vacuums have uber suction power!  Helpful hint: As of now, towels aren’t available to catch those extra drips, so be sure to bring your own. Click here to find out more about this innovative new business.

Did You Know? … Unusual Items For Your Dishwasher

Who would have thought you could wash baseball caps in a dishwasher? Well, apparently you can, if you put them in the top rack with little or no soap. Other dishwasher safe items include flip flops and rubber boots, household tools, tweezers and nail clippers, BBQ grills if they fit, house keys, sponges, small toys, contact lens cases, cup holders from the car… the list goes on. NOTE: Dishwasher should be empty (except for the items) and very clean. Run with hot water and a small amount of soap to clean it first. Be sure to clean out the filter first.

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