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Marin County Realtor Home-related resources

As a Marin County realtor and experienced home-remodeler, I’ve had the opportunity to compile a list of extremely helpful home-related resources.  Here are some of my favorites.  Be sure to check back regularly for more additions!

Deck Construction and other types of construction –  Tomas Castenada

Tomas does excellent work and is a pleasure to work with. He and his crew deliver a high quality job on time. He rebuilt two large decks for me and completely rebuilt a deck for a friend of mine in Belvedere. He is fairly priced.

Jewelry Repair – Joan Stone

Joan can do it all! Refurbish your jewelry, fix it, change earrings to brooches, find the right length chain, restring pearls or beads and she is reasonably-priced!   She works at the Collective Antique store on Thursdays in San Anselmo.


Nursery and Knowledgeable Plant Person – Lisa Balestreri, Greenpoint Nursery in Novato

Greenpoint Nursery is locally owned and run by the Balestreri family. I love Lisa who helps me select the right plants for my garden. I place many special orders from Lisa and find the quality and prices of her plants are actually better than the big box stores and cheaper than Sloat or Armstrong. I pick up my orders or if it’s a large order, my gardener will pick it up.


Annie’s Annuals and Perennials in Richmond

Just off the Richmond Parkway. The huge selection of plants tend to be smaller (4” containers) but also excellent quality and great prices! I like to buy young plants in the early spring so they get established. Annie’s staff is very helpful and the place is laid out beautifully.

740 Market Ave, Richmond, CA 94801
(510) 215-3301

Window and Glass Specialists – Novato Glass

Are you in need of a place to make you a glass table topper, a special-size piece of glass or change out a rotted window frame? Do your screens need to be repaired? I head to Novato Glass for all my window, glass repair and screen work. They are knowledgeable, reliable and fairly priced. Quick turnaround too!

1020 Reichert Avenue, Novato

Northbay Window Tinting

I am a huge believer in tinting your windows to cut the ultraviolet rays that fade your furniture, artwork and floors. Tinting also helps keep your house cool. I have tinted virtually every window in my home (and the skylights) and I am extremely pleased with the results. I have a southwestern exposure and the tinting (you can hardly see it on the windows) cuts the glare and saves energy. Check out Northbay Window Tinting. Michael Seidita is the owner.


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